Mike Steffa, President
Loren Peters, Vice President
David Hunt, Treasurer
Jay Lemons, Secretary



Austin Anderson
Tom Cassel
Dave Clemons
Glen Dalton
David Darnall
Larry Dowden
Ray Dowden *
Rick Erickson
Ross Fogle
Tim Gerike
Matt Graden
Rodney Graf
Rodeny Graf Sr.
Ron Hamilton
David Hunt
Mike Hunt
Ed Kaufman
Ron Long
Glen Lynch
Jerry Martoglio
Dave Nafziger
Dave Nafziger Jr.
Dylan Nafziger
David Park
Bruce Schenkel
Ken Sharp
Mel Thake *
Bruce Thomas
Steve Townsend
David Vance
Ken Wilber
Cory Wills
Kevin Wills
Ken White
* Deceased


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